Litter "U" is born 7.12. 2013

All that Jazz form Borders Paradise
HD A1, ED 0, OCD free,
Gonioscopy clear,
DNA CEA, TNS, MDR1 normal;
Exams: A1


Cl.Ch., JCh. Over the Rainbow - IZ
z Černobílých

HD A, ED 0, OCD free, DNA CEA, TNS normal,
Glaucom free;  Exams: ZVOP, BH, ZZO, ZOP

"U" l
itter photos - Here/ZDE



    Unicorn Magic - bluemerle male
    CH Russia, JCH Rus.,
    BOS, JBIG 3
     Utterly Crazy - black & white male
     Ultramarine Flower - bluemerle female
    HD C, ED 0/0, OCD free
    Una Astra - black & white female
    CH Russia, Ch Latvia,
    CH Belarusia,
    JCH RUS, JCH Beloruska
    Use your Heart - blue merle female
    Show: Ex1, CAC
    (club. show - J. large)