ICh. Highland Dreamer

                        Mobella Jackie
Lethans Double Take

Roy (ISDS 161740)
Hemp (ISDS 120214)
Moss (ISDS 103923)
Nell (ISDS 69129)
Liz (ISDS 122682)
Jas (ISDS 113325)
Tib (ISDS 109671)
Lethans Kip (ISDS 176421)
Kirkfield Kirk (ISDS 119250)
Ben (ISDS 73508)
Jace (ISDS 62098)
Kirkfield Shell (ISDS 110178)
Watsons Mirk II
(ISDS 80772)

Kay (ISDS 91944)
Woodtree Alaskin Dream
Muirend Border Minstrel
Muirend Border Reiver
Pioneer Of Muirend
Gleam Of Muirend
Muirend Border Lace
Glen (ISDS 61988)
Twig Of Muirend
Mostique Of Woodtree
Melodor Risp
Sh Ch Melodor Robbie
Hebson Fallon Of Melodor
Rossallan Lorna
Muirend Border Minstrel
Hirdi Jen (ISDS 132443)
Mobella Midnight Cowboy JW
Tally Of Mobella (ISDS 157476)
Glen (ISDS 116643)
Int Brace Ch Craig
(ISDS 72737)

Queen (ISDS 82768)
Meg (ISDS 138048)
Robbie (ISDS 103968)
June (ISDS 125009)
Falconmoor Highland Fling
At Mobella

Sh Ch Cluff Of Mobella (ISDS 135888)
Kirkfield Kirk (ISDS 119250)
Kirkfield Shell (ISDS 110178)
Sh Ch Melodor Flurry At Falconmoor
Muirend Border Reiver
Muirend Border Ballad
Of Melodor

Passims Frostie Blue At Mobella
Newz Speculation at Mobella

Multi Ch. Clan-Abby
Casanova Too [Nzl]

Aus Nzl Ch
Maghera Casanova [Aus]

Nzl Ch Eveningsky
Of Clan-Abby [Nzl]
Francesca Of Clan-Abby [Nzl]
Clan-Abby Lorna's Brae
Aus Nzl Ch Rullion Joy [Aus]
Passim Abi Of Patlyn's

Passim's Dynamite
Toss (ISDS 128262)
Jill At Passim
(ISDS 128126)
Passims Wispa (ISDS 151438)
Woodland Mirk At Passim
(ISDS 144031)
Passim's Rosie Lee
(ISDS 130052)